February 13, 2010

I seek vital nourishment. Doesn’t tension come from having a goal?

I indeed read. And as I do, I notice my shallow breath, unbeknownst breathing. In the dark hours of the morning, metal, lung.

If the quest for knowledge is infinite, therefore inexhaustable, is it possible that it might also be infinitely regenerative to search, as well? Or in its polarity, cause exhaustion…  This here is the raisin in the sun.

Alternation brings with it variation in a process,  a kind of vitality. Dynamism is fuel, is a potential for power without force, though there are no exclusions in fluidity. This back and forth is part of the real-time seeking, if I afford what actually emerges in a living process.

There is a dilemma in integration (the concept, and honestly therefore, a goal- with an image affixed);

comes with it a kind of attachment.

Rather than this synthesis I seek, this cultivation of space in order to allow for It to happen, what about relinquishing, obtaining without striving? Then this is indeed about floating— the lake may become flat, thus a mirror. undulate with the waves. be a part of, and therefore animate the landscape amongst.

I am not limited by incompleteness, which seems to be part of  being behind, above, over, to the side of. It takes on a different timbre when I am dancing with.

Forms that arise and may delight. They do what they do and rather than my expecting, there is an endless unfolding. I open the subject, there is a coming forth.

The flow of the vital is a constant purification. The rivers rush through


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