Monday Night Art Workouts – Fall Series

September 8, 2010

Fall Series starts October 4 – November 8! Sign up with Abby. More info below, and at our site.

MONDAY NIGHT ART WORKOUTS: Come work out your art-making brain, move your body, unleash your voice, challenge your aesthetics, read fascinating things, and see what unfolds. We work with our bodies because we are movers. We look at inspirational contemporary art and performance, and we talk about ideas that we find compelling. We take performative risks and try things we haven’t done before. We are incredibly boring and incredibly interesting. We watch one another. We bring our entire flawed and sublime selves to the room and see what we create.

Class meets six Monday nights 10/4 – 11/8, 6:30 – 9pm, at Kunst-Stoff Arts: 929 Market St., 5th Floor, SF. $150. Alumnae discount: $120. Limited work-study is available. Students are required to commit to all six classes in order to foster a deeper experience of the process. Please pre-register to hold a spot by sending $20 & an email to Abby Crain: 1052b 45th Street, Emeryville, CA 94608 ••  (512) 705 – 8869.

Art Workouts: An ongoing dialogue/experiment between Margit Galanter, Abby Crain, and whatever and whoever crosses our path. We engage with the world around us for artistic revelation and inspiration, culling what seems relevant, problematic, brilliant. We are primarily movers so the work comes through the body, performance, ideas, and that mysterious assemblage, presence. We periodically arrange workshops so that we can meet and explore with groups of people. This is when the work starts to really hum. Margit Galanter is a movement investigator and dance poet living in Oakland – www.physicalintelligence.orgAbby Crain worked with Miguel Gutierrez, David Dorfman, & Sarah Shelton Mann. She is currently working on a series of movement experiments for performance.


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