Notes from Foxing Rehearsal

May 20, 2011

Getting ready for the Foxing (Work in Progress) showing as part of Kunst-Stoff Arts/Fest next Wednesday- more faith that it can cohere after all of this. This morning we:

decided not to fully change most of the material of the piece less than a week before the show

went back to newspaper, probably

practiced to find if ecstasy requires a boundary to experience it, danced to find what tui might be

probably said the word “Duchamp” 7 times and “then she said” 4x4x9 times

Took a full half hour to warm up, in which I started with the breath-thing I am trying to start with whenever I remember it, tried out the three Feldenkrais lessons from yesterday, recovered the difference between medium and environment a la Varela, and continued to work my tui text,  all while listening to the cover of “Head over Heals” and the sad and beautiful Bruce Springsteen song from Patti’s iPod a few times.

We discussed if lanterns would be cheesy no matter how they lived in our habitat

And gratefully, we have returned to the maggoting from Unblown – whole new context.


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