invocation station, a living installation

September 15, 2011

Buffet Flats, fall 2011.

Niki Ford and I have been exploring the body-food-earth connection together and presented our fruits, the Invocation Station, on September 11, 2011, an auspicious day indeedThis collaboration was prompted by Seth Eisen, who invited me to present at Buffet Flats – Harvest Moon; he suggested working with an expert, and since the series is dedicated to performance, food, and ecology, who came to my mind of course was my dear neighbor Niki, a food artist, fabulist, ex-Chez Panisse chef,  and with a grand history in performance art! We have been jiving over the past few years in a mutual adoration of the power of Chinese energetics – therefore the relationship of body-mind-earth-plus, and integral to any connections with Niki is the gift of the art of food! Below is a link to the opening of our living installation. This project offered us the opportunity to bring so many aspects of our life to the table, and when this takes place, it is a gift, indeed.

MG + NF at Buffet Flats, video of the opening poem + manifesto

more to follow with this  as we revisit what the heck happened!

photo by Niki Ford

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