A letter in prep for Y at MILKBAR 11/11/11

November 10, 2011


I am listening to the sound score this morning you have been working on and I wanted to let you know that it is really incredible what you have done – made some of the previous words of Y come alive into a new breath with your own mark so strong and clear. Somehow, through the alchemy of your making, the words have retained their story yet they are taken out of the literal into sound and texture and space. It is very moving, and I look forward to seeing what we are moved to do in the moment on Friday night.

What I am working on is how I am setting up the space. From center to opening….a kind of pulse in the arc of it? Not sure how to achieve it yet, but it is brewing. I want the circle space to be quite small this time and I’ll cover it with aluminum foil. Silver- metal- fall, the chinese energetics obvious, and there are so many associations, like reflection, the mirror, and the mirror pieces I worked on in Troy, like when Eric Hoffsten covered his whole dorm room with foil freshman year – the phenomenon of it was so goofy, and so cool for the punky nerd gothness of it. The idea, then, is kind of funny, and the joke is a portal to a different kind of joke, one that is more resonant with the power of the piece: as a kid, one of my favorite things to do was to eat Ring Dings, and yes, they were delicious with their chocolate coating, and slimy sweet partially-hydrogenated center layer, but it was about the afterwards that mattered, that I would then have in my hands a precious piece of tinfoil that I could work with, clean, and clear. My job was without any question, to smooth it out. This gets at an essence of the purification of metal, but for this Y, what is even more compelling is that the tinfoil is like a tablet for writing, be it making forms or purifications through erasure. I want to set up a construction for Friday where there is a tablet for writing that may not be visible but connects to one of my own ancient first-art writing rituals (Another had to do with Andes Candies, but that is for another time!). The breath and purification, and the contraction and expansion of fall/Metal, associated with breath and elimination (Lung, Large Intestine). We are in the eye of it now, the Y of it.

I can’t even yet deal with the fact of 11/11/11. It is really too beautiful and potential to understand, with the full moon coming up tonight and the Hunbatz Men’s crystal skulls on their way west to LA: http://crystalskullsevent.com/index.html

So, let’s dance and make the music, and see what happens. I am interested in how bright the moon will glow into the space on Friday.

I have been noticing in my own work that there is all this construction and revision and consent and creation and real-time that takes place, and then in the end there is an aspect to making the art where it turns in and has to be offered up for my own vital force, that that indeed is the way to engender the deepest effect, and that for me this is around the writing, and it is through this aspect that the meaning is made, the signature signed, the life breathed into it. As I discovered years ago through my work with inscriptions, this writing is not so obvious and not so literal, rather there is this realm for me called writing, or righting (or wrighting), where the meaning is inscribed into space, into the body/environment. I feel excited to see what can emerge through the foil, and feel further en-deepened through your invitation for me to blog on it all

For those interested, the show takes place as part of MILKBAR 11/11/11. Info here: http://www.milkbar.org/ , and here (facebook): https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=224989264234716

Hugs, mg

Y: pluripotency (Earth) at Highways, SOMAFest 2011

For more info on Y in general: https://margitg.wordpress.com/archive/y/


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