let the relays begin

March 31, 2012

relay is a new artistic practice stream (starting in 2011) which came out of my absolute joy in reading Mei-Mei Bersenbrugge’s Concordance. In its nascence, I am taking on the self-proclaimed term “dance poet,” learning by doing. For now, absorbing the language through memorization, and watching the images of the live aspect as they grow in my imagination. It feels vital  to  know the poem through speaking, singing, drawing, writing, exgesing (?!),  before it knows what the further expression will be. Gearing up for a show at the new Garage, SF in July. I am hoping by then to have the whole poem embodied.

This is so far a “solo” project, but that term does not quite fit the experience, as I am attempting a kind of collaboration in which I access inspiration, feedback, and perhaps later dramaturgy from the brilliant artists in my midst, following the felt sense opening up. “Collaborative solo” ? So far: Language and poetry learning skills from Jessika Kenney and artistic counsel from Violet Juno.

This piece potentially intersects with some fascinations in my studies is Chinese cosmology, particularly around the nature of the elements of the trigrams, the bagua, and personal and intimate understanding of the energetics of sex and yin essence (sexual organs). we will see if and how these aspects mutually embed over time.


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