June 21, 2012

In the struggle with this piece Relay, my artistic companion; it’s giving me a kind of challenge that is unfamiliar. No frame to work within, rather the absolute pleasure of practice and the atemporal a-spaciality of process. Perhaps that is the form? (Eleni Stecopoulos‘ thought). To imagine a solo that isn’t a solo and a form that has none brings a bit of humor back in the creative quest.

What is the edge of solo, a collaborative solo, so much so that perhaps the words no longer hold? That’s what happens on a good day when being in the world. We nourish one another. I come alive through relations and yet this piece wants to explore the solo realm. A collaborative solo? I want to extend the experience of singularity to the outer limits so the skein from us to I is so permeable you can’t even say for sure which side of the pole it is on.


“Relation is in the middle, relay, flower description to flower becoming of the eye between light and heart.” MMB

Time to get a little deeper into this center of things.

The words roll out of me, the poem is becoming a member of this being. Line by line, part by part, week by week, like an embodiment marathon. Over a month ago I thought I would write about transduction, which feels like the right word to describe one of the ways the language comes into my movement life, that I work the dance and the dance of the language. The writing makes the poem make even more sense, the alternation, the act of it has a kind of potency. In relation to a Score, a translation, or a prompt, there is this thing I am finding, transduction. It turns out is a real world, and there is even a book of poems called Transducer. I may read that some day. Transduction- what it means to me- is an act of taking the material over from the land of one form and finding its life in a new one. With this text  there is an  instantaneousl finding  of movement from its rhythm, its tone, its prosody. Perhaps it is second-nature, moving. It is not necessarily from the clarity of a Score. It finds it, it crosses over. Eleni: draws the power from one thing – what poetry can do (mg: and any art?), how do we draw the power from this rhetoric and make something else? Transduction is action that is grounded in the fruits of discipline, but need not be disciplined, rather I pass over and that movement is like flight.

Phrases like this, what is their dance?

“above the fields like reading …..”

“tracing the empty space running through things”

“I send the interrupted line over the top of space … ”



Pole Star

I asked her: what is some thing you have found in your composing of language that moves you?

She responded, and we took it from there. Notes on E: My own trying to. fragments of stories. Difficulty of telling stories. I have to do it that way. Not a conscious style. Somatic realism. The story isn’t whole. A lot of pain in these stories. Nobody knows the whole story. It makes me want to write. This is not a MOVE I am trying to make.

“This form feels closest to my body’s experience of it”

A form that replicates, sympathetic homologies, homeopathic.

The conversation with Eleni brought me back to remember the felt sense of transducing.

Questions that arose about the piece from our talk:

Why does the poem make me want to write? What is the route? What process makes what form? What would it be to try another kind of form? Not about it but now. What are the images? How can I make a place, a form that can hold?

And there comes the possibility of the formless form.

“the eye between light and heart”

something grows if i say that lines over and over

and over

the eye between light and heart

the eye between light and heart

light and heart



the eye between light and heart

still in process formless form


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