writing encounter – MP

July 26, 2012

We sat on the floor. Timed. It was my time. Desiring feedback, incited by interaction, I initiated this one. It did something to use words this way as a conversation of sorts, an art interview. She was at Relay‘s Garage show both nights and she had entered in the second night to whorl. Margit and Mara Poliak at Ellen Webb’s, making up our own score, and this was within it. Here is the encounter:

Mara, when you read the phrase “telepathy of ants”, what movement do you see?

Before I even think of movement, I think of the time about 4 months ago when I was here, at Ellen Webb, and I had a duet with an ant. I spoke what I imagined it was saying. And then I wrote it down. And it was probably more what I was thinking, but maybe the ant heard it.

Wow. How could one show emanation or absorption of light on a stage?

Eyes.      Pores.      Teeth. Mouth

Have you ever seen violence or a fight in dance that you enjoyed / was useful for you? If so, why? I am interested in a few lines that speak about shards and their mending but have reluctance to represent (therefore embody) the SHARD.

When I saw the word violence I / my mind immediately remembered something violent in a dance /rehearsal that I didn’t like. In a few moments after, my mind also remembered a dance my MOM watched and told me about where a man and a women were sitting in chairs facing each other

(see chairs in image)

and drooling all over themselves and barking at each other. She really liked it.

Do you have any clues or advice about how to construct the arc of a work so it’s alchemy …. or, to let the arc emerge w/out knowing …. This trips me up sometimes because the latter is more familiar and the former feels like a gem, but maybe a masculine gem?

Like that Tai Qi guy at the music festival that I told you about. He had an arc planned. But yes it was also gem-like. BIG QUESTION…..! Something I like to do recently is be in several different (solo?) processes simultaneously and not know yet how they connect. And the arc begins to emerge from the connecting.


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