Show-In 2014

October 8, 2014

show-in 2014

Show-In 2014 was a process-based arts residency, presented by UC Riverside’s ARTSblock. It was organized by Brianna Skellie and myself. We sent out a call to California artists who were swarming through / near Riverside at this moment, to use the resource of the museum space and work on respective + shared creative practice. We were bequeathed two rooms – a lovely upstairs studio and the main atrium – and incredible tech support. We formalized our discussions with the microphone, and got a lot out of basic activities that engaged the procedures of making work.Thanks to the participants Crystal Sepulveda, Mara Poliak, Mary Anna Lachman, Nancy Popp, Olive Noire, Rebecca Bruno, and Taisha Paggett for joining in, and countless others who tried their best to make it there. We shared space through practice, inter-independently. Personally, I found an incredible support in the format, in our warm-ups together. Within it, an easy expansion of my nascent project arose without effort, that which rarely comes alone in the studio.

What follows are a few images from the few days, Instagram-style:


open back shorts

formal muirsky

resident researcher  show-in ma enfold cavez notes


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