IMG_0887MARGIT GALANTER’s fascination with the construction and value of movement has drawn her to embodied research for decades. She is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm, qigong practitioner, acupressurist, and movement artist. She teaches and works with people privately through her practice, Physical Intelligence. After more than 15 years teaching in the movement arts, Margit received her MA in Movement Research and Practice from NYU’s Gallatin School in 2004. She has taught and presented extensively around the U.S., including at Naropa University, Mills College, U-Mass. Amherst,  Omega Institute, SFSU, Earthdance, Carleton College, Seattle Festival of Dance and Improvisation,  and various venues locally and abroad. Margit lived in Indonesia, where she taught at University of Gadjah Madah and studied martial arts, as well as traditional and contemporary dance. Margit makes work, teaches and curates in the Bay Area and around the U.S.

Margit’s current artistic collaborations locally are with Abby Crain as Art Workouts, with poet Eleni Stecopoulos, curating and making performance with sound artist Kadetintegrating Feldenkrais and the performing arts with Motor, dancing with Pearl Ubungen; and less locally, conceiving sound-dance immersions with Jessika Kenney and making radical home dance pieces with experimental movement maker Karen Nelson. Margit is Co-Director Emeritus at Earthdance Workshop and Retreat Center in Western Massachesetts (2006 – 2009), where she co-founded The SEEDS Festival (an international arts and ecology experiment) and The Harriet Tubman Healthy Living Project. At Earthdance, she revitalized the programming, as well as the conversations on bias, art as culture, and race, and the practice of public discourse. Margit has collaborated as dramaturg on performance projects, curated events, and has worked extensively in the interdisciplinary arts and in social justice movements.

Margit has been influenced by a vast array of schools, events, and phenomena, which has shaped her unique synchretic approach. Some of these realms include: over a decade in awe, collaboration and study with Image Lab (Lisa Nelson, Karen Nelson, Scott Smith, and K.J. Holmes); over two decades studying with luminaries in the fields of movement research such as Steve Paxton, Simone Forti, Daniel Lepkoff, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Nancy Stark Smith, Keith Hennessy, Julyen Hamilton, and many more; years in Indonesia practicing movement meditations and martial arts with teachers such as Suprapto Suryodarmo, Pak Heru (jatilan), I Ketut Kantor (masked dance), and the martial arts form silat through Panca Daya school. Other influences and constructions include club dancing, site performance, installation + participatory action, comtemplative forms, movement-as-praxis-as research; practice in Focusing, Philosophy of the Implicit, and Thinking at the Edge (Eugene Gendlin); the study and curation of foundational thinkers in the fields of embodied theory; her training in Dennis Leri’s Semiophysics; years in practice with Chinese energetics and qigong, particularly through Micheline Bogey and Dr. Bingkun Hu; collaborations with diverse groups such as the Prosodic BodyESL (Emergent Scores Lab)PANHijack Dance, Melinda Buckwalterthe BodyCartography Project, Dharma Nature Time, and the many individual mavericks who have deeply affected her view and with whom she conspires in some form to this day.

Margit’s practice, Physical Intelligence, is based in Oakland, California. We each have physical intelligence –  a capacity to experience movement through our life that is aware and embodied; Physical Intelligence is a unique and integrative approach to help people experience the innate clarity and vitality uncovered through the potency of movement.

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  • Margit’s Resume: click HERE.

an offering

mg dancing suprapto by utam


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