In the Cave of Crystals. Performance installation. Arts Center of Capital Region. Troy, NY. Participation:  Ione Beauchamp, Ingrid Staats, Jack Magai, MG, Melle Dragon, Sara Marcus, Sue Lauther, and the crystal makers.

DSC04792 crystalvadar

n1616558685_55557_9855 DSC04783

BS Crystal Cave smaller

photo 1) Jack Magai and Sara Marcus. photo 2) Melle Dragon. photo 3) Some of the crystals made by the people, by Ingrid Staats. photo 4) mg. photo 5) The performance flyer.

In the Cave of Crystals was a  participatory installation performance. In the first section of this piece, the audience was invited to help make the crystals that comprised the set. The piece was an exploration of seeing and being scene/seen, the fragmentation and power of self-image, and the potential for the brocade/bricoleur of the multiplicity. My continuum was a mirror ball (faceted, round, reflective, disco associations) and a crystal (faceted, communicative, associated with perfection), as well as the range of a mirror itself- if clear, it gives rise to an image and just as swiftly disappears, like thought, and when less so, becomes a place of dwelling self-indulgence and distortion! Source material for this work included The Mirror, by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Out on a Limb, by Shirley Maclaine, and National Geographic‘s article on the newly discovered cave of crystals, where the piece was somehow situated.

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