End Products with Jack and Francis Magai, and Beth Ahlstrand. Revolution Hall. Troy, NY



trashion mg window

1, 2, 3) video stills: Melinda Buckwalter. 4) photo: Helene Steen

In the collaboration End Products, we created a live compost installation in an annual show dedicated to recycled fashion and art, called “Trashion.” For the piece, we found incredible materials from the streets of Troy: large spools, pounds of rice (which we cooked to varying degrees of congee and brick), paper, and on and on. Our objective was to literally create an environment together, and through doing so, shift the composition of the landscape we set up – a living compost! The pics mainly represent the movers, though there was much more festering. This piece is mentioned in an article I wrote for Contact Quarterly Summer/Fall 2007.

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