ESL (2006 – 2009)

For three years, Emergent Scores Lab (ESL) met weekly in Troy, NY to explore live art improvisation. In our weekly lab, we made sound, movement and played the space together, seeing what emerged from listening. We sought ways to communicate these emergent scores. It was a simple structure that allowed for freedom of inquiry and paying attention. ESL allowed for participants to experience the continuum from physical expression to ensemble composition. We primarily worked in a closed process, developing an ensemble consciousness and creative language that connected us to one another and the many elements of space.

In the spirit of show & tell, we opened these sessions periodically to the general public. This presented our cumulative process and opened an opportunity for dialogue, which we believe makes the collective work grow. We had some open sessions where we would invite in artists to participate. We had several showings and performances, and saw various artistic projects arise as outgrowth from the creative relationships that developed through this unusual forum.

(photos: MG. Ione Beauchamp, Jack Magai, Sabrina Schroeder, Micah Silver, Helene Lesterlin)

Emergent Scores Lab (ESL) consisted of seven live artists- Helene Lesterlin, Ione Beauchamp, Jack Magai, Margit Galanter, Micah SilverSabrina Schroeder, and Sue Lauther. The group was started by Jack, Helene, and myself. Some of our initial inspirations included “Open Movement” and “Music Dance” programs at P.S. 122 in New York City, which catalyzed artistic collaborations in NYC in the ‘80’s & ‘90’s, as well as various experimental live arts labs that we have participated in around the U.S. and internationally.

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