Relay was a three-year dance poetry project that culminated in a series of experimental performative events in the Bay Area. For info about the whole project, please see the dedicates website — link here.

Described below is an earlier iteration of the Relay project.

Relay > Living things shine on is an artistic practice stream that started in late 2011. The project came out of my absolute joy in reading Mei-Mei Bersenbrugge’s collaborative poem Concordance with artist Kiki Smith. I am investigating the facets of meaning in the phrase dance poetry, learning by doing. Absorbing the language through memorization; finding transductions of tones and phrases into movement; and watching the images of the live aspect grow in imagination and space. I come to know the poem, to embody it, through speaking, singing, drawing, writing, wordplay, conversation, exegesing. Shows at the Garage, SF in July 2012, then through ShowboxLA at Bootleg Theater, in August. Some writing encounters in between.

This is so far a “solo” project, but I am pushing the term to its limit, as I am attempting a kind of collaboration in which I access inspiration, feedback, and dramaturgical counsel from the brilliant artists in my midst. “Collaborative solo” ? So far: Language, song, and poetry skills from Jessika Kenney; artistic counsel from Violet Juno and James Kidd; Relay social experiments and expansion actions with Matt Shyka, Brianna Skellie, Mara Poliak, Sarah Pritchard, Gretchen Till, Harold Burns, and Beth; sound with Kadet;  writing encounters: Eleni Stecopoulos, Mara Poliak, Amber DiPietra, and Jen Hofer. There are dream projects to compose longer conversations with certain thinkers, and there have been some invitations that fell before they were picked up. This is all the rhythm of what Relay is becoming.

This piece for a time being intersected with some fascinations in my studies is Chinese cosmology, particularly around the nature of the elements of the trigrams, the bagua, and personal and intimate understanding of the energetics of fire’s language, from the perspective of the meridians, sex and yin essence (sexual organs). Unclear how these aspects mutually embed over time.

Relay Posts:

Read Between the Lines: 3-31-12

Transduction: 6-21-12

the owl grid:  7-8-12

writing encounter – MP: 7-26-12

some Relay photos: 12-11-12

Memory and Concordance: 12-15-12


Relay Inadvertent Duet inadvertent duet, Relay at The Garage SF 2012. Photo by Rachel Thoe


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